High-Capacity Front Steer Axle and Suspension System

STEERTEK NXT FIRE RESCUE High-Capacity Front Steer Axle and Suspension System

STEERTEK™ NXT High Capacity fabricated steer axle system is optimized for maximum performance and comfort.  Integrated with Hendrickson parabolic springs, this system delivers true suspension efficiency for demanding fire and rescue applications. 

STEERTEK NXT FIRE RESCUE High-Capacity Front Steer Axle and Suspension System

Features and Benefits

Advanced Suspension Integration

  • Parabolic springs provide increased wheel travel and lower spring rate for improved ride quality
  • Proprietary threaded pin bushings increase roll stiffness
  • Full system designed for optimal control under heavy braking

Lightweight — up to 170 pounds of weight savings

  • Integration of Hendrickson spring and axle technology saves weight over forged I-beam axles with multi-leaf springs

Rigid Axle Beam

  • Box shaped cross section resists horizontal, vertical and twisting forces more effectively than I-beam axles
  • Continuous beam architecture minimizes stress points for added durability

Passive Hydraulic Damper

  • Custom tuned and specifically developed for parabolic leaf springs to achieve the ultimate in ride and handling 

Progressive Rate Bump Stop

  • Handles high dynamic loads without harshness 

Brake Compatibility

  • Compatible with drum or disc brakes


Model STEERTEK NXT for Fire and Rescue
Configuration Single Axle
Capacity (lbs.) 16,000 – 24,000
Installed Weight1 (lbs.) 1,655
Axle Beam Drop2 (in.) 3.74
Kingpin Intersection (in.) 70.87
Ride Heights (in.) 8” – 11”
Brake Options Disc or 16.5x6 Drum

All applications must comply with applicable Hendrickson specifications and must also be approved by the respective vehicle manufacturer with the vehicle in its original, as-built configuration. Contact Hendrickson and the respective vehicle manufacturer for approval of additional applications
1. Suspension weight includes frame hangers, main springs, bushings, pins, shackles, shock absorbers, brake components, wheel ends, upper shock brackets, axle assembly, hardware, jounce stops, and axle clamp group. Weight may vary depending on vehicle. Contact Hendrickson or vehicle manufacturer for final weight.
2. Axle beam drop is measured from the kingpin intersection to the top of the axle body.


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