Path Program

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you as a PATH Program Member is to deliver you a Real-world, Innovative, Diverse Experience which will set you up for success. We aim to nurture the future leaders of the industry with the passion, creativity, and drive needed to continue down the path of advancing the world around us.

About Us

At Hendrickson, we commit to serving the transportation industry with innovative products that help improve productivity and profitability. Across the globe, our dedicated employees champion Hendrickson’s proud heritage through creativity, integrity and superior service. Our legacy embodies 100 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of suspension systems and components for the global heavy-duty vehicle industry.

Hendrickson is the world’s leading supplier of truck, tractor and trailer suspensions; auxiliary lift axle systems; steel leaf springs, and metal bumpers for the heavy-duty transportation industry across the globe. With operations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Hendrickson is a major supplier to every North American heavy-duty truck and trailer original equipment manufacturer, as well as many manufacturers in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Korea, India and Latin America.


Students seeking to participate in Hendrickson’s PATH Program:

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college or university at the time of application and can be extended one semester after graduation.
  • Must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. This GPA must be maintained in order to remain eligible for the program.
  • Must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in an applicable field of study.

Housing Stipend

A housing stipend between $600.00 - $1,000.00 (net) is available for students that travel 50 miles or more (one way) to the Hendrickson facility that they will be working in during their term.  This amount will be based on location / cost of living and will be paid to the student on the last day of each month in a separate paycheck. Part-time students will not be eligible for housing allowances.

Travel Reimbursement

In order to make the overall student experience as hassle-free and productive as possible, Hendrickson will make certain accommodations for these college students with regard to monetary reimbursement for reasonable expenses. For this purpose, Hendrickson will offer gasoline reimbursement for students who travel 50 miles or more (one way) to any Hendrickson facility and choose not to relocate and utilize the $900.00 housing allowance. The gasoline reimbursement will be adjusted accordingly for part-time students. The amount of reimbursement will be $250.00 per month. This amount will be paid to the student on the 15th of each month in his/her regular paycheck. All applicable taxes will be applied to the $250.00 stipend, and it will be considered part of the student’s income.

Factors used to determine the reimbursement amount are as follows:

  • $3.00 = average cost of a gallon of gas (evaluated bi-annually)
  • The average car will get approximately 25 miles to a gallon; if the student travels 100 miles a day round trip, he/she will spend around $12 a day on gas.
  • The students will work approximately 20 days per month.
  • This adds up to around $250 spent on gasoline per month.

Paid Experience

Students working at Hendrickson are competitively paid. Students will be eligible for holiday pay during their work terms (1/2 day for part-time students, full day for full-time students).

Summer PATH Program Members are invited to participate in a company-wide Alternate Work Schedule to earn additional days off during the summer.

Students do not have a set number of vacation or sick days, but arrangements may be made with their supervisor regarding unpaid time when necessary.

Students will be given a bonus of $1,000 per rotation completed if hired on full time upon graduation.

Extensive Development and Training

Students may be eligible for the same training and workshops as full-time employees. Each student will have an outlined plan of projects/assignments to be performed during their term. Depending on a student’s progress, assignments may be added/removed. This training plan will include any developmental projects/activities needed to bring the student to the level suitable for a full-time regular employee. The core requirements needed for an entry-level employee in each respective department will be used to help build our student development plans (i.e.,an engineer is required to have knowledge of AutoCAD, mechanical design skills, knowledge of manufacturing processes). The work given to students will be challenging, project-based assignments consistent with their career goals and current level of education that drive the student to grow in their respective disciplines. They will also offer the students the opportunity to gain cross-functional experience within Hendrickson. With each term, we will be preparing the student to be considered for a position as a full-time Hendrickson employee.

Formal Presentations

At the end each student’s term, they are invited to make a final presentation to the staff and their manager on their projects/assignments.

Presentations will cover 3 main areas:

  1. What they have learned about Hendrickson, its processes, its customers, and its products.
  2. What their projects/assignments were, and how these activities helped them to learn our processes, customers and/or products, correct issues, and present new ideas.
  3. How their experiences from their PATH Program term will help them in their college career, and professional career.This will prove to be a good indicator of how successful/productive the program is, what areas need strengthening, and will demonstrate the value the students add to Hendrickson.

Employment Engagement

Students are encouraged to join all Hendrickson employees in company sponsored activities such as:

  • Volunteer events
  • Appreciation celebrations
  • Learning opportunities
  • Wellness initiatives

And much more!

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