Ride Solutions

Advanced Research and Development

Hendrickson’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to a series of valuable “firsts” that have changed the industry and inspired growth. From the production of our first tandem walking-beam suspension to the innovative designs of today’s HAULMAAX® EX next-generation heavy-duty truck suspension and ULTRAA-K® axle/air slider suspension system, Hendrickson’s approach to research and development continues to drive innovation. Hendrickson’s Driven by Quality™ philosophy drives next-generation technology for suspensions and components that integrate with emerging intelligent vehicles in the medium- and heavy-duty trucking industry. Elements including brakes, remote sensors, wheel-ends, and pneumatic controls hold tremendous promise for the trucks and trailers of tomorrow. Engaging and energizing the global trucking community, Hendrickson remains at the forefront in the development of superior and unique suspensions and components that deliver value to our customers.

Innovative Product Development

Hendrickson does not just innovate for innovation’s sake, we innovate for functional superiority. Help minimize costs and maximize payloads with Hendrickson medium- and heavy-duty truck, tractor, and trailer suspension systems; lift axle systems; truck and trailer axles and components; brakes; tire pressure control systems; bumpers; springs and stabilizers. Hendrickson develops ride solutions that are engineered and manufactured for durability and weight savings, reinforcing efforts by fleets and owner-operators to help lower maintenance costs and boost the resale value of their vehicles. Hendrickson works closely with fleets and commercial truck and trailer manufacturers around the globe to advance new product development and support the industry’s expanding requirements.

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