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COMPOSILITE EXF Trailer is Hendrickson’s innovative next generation of non-steerable lift-axle suspension systems engineered for enhanced durability and performance.



COMPOSILITE EXF Truck is Hendrickson’s innovative next generation of non-steerable lift-axle suspension systems engineered for enhanced durability and performance.



COMPOSILITE EXS Trailer (Weld-on & Bolt-On) – the next generation of lighter yet more durable steerable lift axle suspension systems for trailer applications.



COMPOSILITE EXS TRUCK is Hendrickson’s innovative next generation of steerable lift-axle suspension systems engineered for enhanced durability and performance. 



The axle is rated based on the lowest capacity component fitted to that axle.  As an example; running certain single tire and rim combinations on an axle with a Trailer type spindle, for example, an ‘N’ or ‘P’ spindle, can significantly reduce the rating approved by the hub manufacturer. The installer should check that the tire and rim combination meets the load requirements.  The rating information on the Hendrickson vendor provided hubs can be found at:

For KIC wheel-ends (standard fit):

For Conmet wheel-ends (optional):

A non-steerable lift axle that is not raised when turning, especially in a tight corner, will scrub concrete and impose high lateral stress on the wheels and chassis components of your vehicle. Raising the fixed axle when cornering will help decrease tire wear, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure proper functionality of the auxiliary lift axle when in use.

It is also important to be aware of the regulations within the states that your vehicle will operate in. Some state authorities prefer the auxiliary lift axles stay lowered and in operation when turning or that the auxiliary controls remain outside of the vehicle's cab. In these cases, it may be best to specify a steerable auxiliary lift axle for your vehicle.

The COMPOSILITE brand consists of both steerable and non-steerable lift axles with a two-piece fabricated axle system. This axle system with integrated brakes allows for ease of use and maintenance with common components for both steerable and non-steerable single tire applications.

The TOUGHLIFT brand boasts Hendrickson’s round tube axle concept for rigorous environments in steer and non-steer applications. This proven fully integrated axle system increases rigidity and is perfect for heavy-duty on- and off-highway single or dual tire applications.

Hendrickson Specialty Products – Auxiliary Axle Systems would like to remind you that it is important for our customers to implement the recommended preventative maintenance (PM) into their regularly scheduled PM intervals to ensure optimal performance of their auxiliary axles.

See the table for our recommended PM schedules and Warranty Program.

Components / Sub-AssembliesFirst In-Service InspectionPreventative Maintenance
Wheel Bearings: verify end play is between 0.001" and 0.005". Adjust and lubricate as requiredWithin the first 3,000 Miles8,000 Miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first
Tie Rod Ends: inspect for leaking and lubricate as required10,000 Miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first
Kingpin Bushings: check for wear and grease as required10,000 Miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first
Pivot Connections: verify torque5,000 Miles or as needed
Stabilizers: check for leaking and adequate return
Brake Assembly Components: inspect for leaks and component wear3,000 miles20,000 Miles or every 10 months, whichever comes first
Component DescriptionPartsLabor
COMPOSILITE® EX Hendrickson-Manufactured Major Structural Components7 years*1 year
All other Hendrickson-Manufactured Major Structural Components5 years1 year
Pivot Bushings13 years1 years
Pneumatic Air Controls1 year1 year
Air Springs2 years1 year
Stabilizers1 year1 year
Compliant Tie-Rod Assembly (includes stabilizers, flat bar and ends with bushings)3 years1 year
King Pins11 year1 year
King-Pin Bushings11 year1 year
Serviceable Items (brake pads, ect.)1 year1 year
Other suspension, brake and wheel-end components, including chambers:Warranty as provided by the respective component supplier or the OEM as applicable.
1Warranty coverage is dependant upon compliance with applicable grease/lubrication and maintainance schedules and instructions.

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Application ride height is calculated by taking the loaded vehicle frame to ground measurement and subtracting the loaded tire radius of the selected lift axle tire. The difference will be the application ride height.

If the loaded frame to ground dimension cannot be obtained, then the application “sag” (primary suspension deflection spec plus 1” for primary tire deflection) can be subtracted from the unloaded measurement, giving a reasonable approximation of the loaded measurement.
See illustration below:


Ex: 30” loaded frame to ground – 17” loaded tire radius = 13” application ride height

This would translate to a 12.5” Auxiliary Axle ride height (rounded down to maximize under tire ground clearance)

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