Dual-tire steerable lift axle truck suspension system

TOUGHLIFT LKT Leading Kingpin – 25K Dual Tire Steer Lift Axle

The new TOUGHLIFT® LKT suspension and axle were designed around the proven HLM concept for rigorous environments and incorporates the popular Hendrickson’s QUIKALIGN® feature and Pivot Bushings. The fabricated knuckle design minimizes king pin offset for a more efficient package while incorporating a fully integrated system designed by Hendrickson.

TOUGHLIFT LKT Leading Kingpin – 25K Dual Tire Steer Lift Axle

Features and Benefits


Simplifies the alignment process for quick and reliable adjustment

Pivot Bushing

Proven to improve absorptions of brake and acceleration forces while providing superior roll stiffness

Hendrickson Leading Kingpin Knuckle Design

Minimizes kingpin offset for a more efficient turning result

Turning Radius

Minimum wheel cut is 20 degrees for Truck Applications — Ontario SPIF compliant




Automatic wheel lock while vehicle is in reverse


Model Suspension Capacities Weight Travel Lift Packaging Space Wheel Cut
TOUGHLIFT LKT 25,000 lbs. 1,495 lbs. 9.5 in. 6 in. 26 in. 20 degree


File Name Rev. Date Size

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